How to instruct an architect to design a home for you

When you build a home or make improvements to an existing one, it’s advisable to have an architect look over the design proposal. While there is no law requiring you to employ an architect, having an expert review the plans, design and construction of a building project can be a wise investment, potentially saving you money and stress in the long-term by making sure everything is conducted correctly from the offset.

If you’re thinking of instructing an architect to design a home for you, take a look at the following points you should consider.

Only instruct credible, qualified architects

Like all professions, some architects are better than others. Before instructing an architect to design your home, carry out in-depth research on local architects and only use those who are credible and qualified in their profession. Instructing a cowboy architect to manage the design of your building project can prove extremely expensive and painful.

Using chartered architects means they are bound by a specific professional code of conduct, giving you peace of mind they will carry out the design work efficiently and honourably.

Think about what level of service you require from your architect

When you instruct an architect to be involved in the design and building of a house or building project, you will need to determine what level of service you require. For example, you may require the architect to build the designs for you to help you to get the planning permission you need and to determine your budget. You may need a more detailed architectural plan, or for an architect to oversee the whole building project.

When instructing an architect, you should tell them you will need details of the following:

  • Budget estimates

  • Fee and payment schedule details
  • A breakdown of the work
  • A programme of the work schedule
  • Details of costs and any claimable expenses
  • Details of any planning permission required and how the architect will be involved in the planning permission
  • Details of the architect’s professional indemnity insurance

Such details should be provided by the architect before officially signing them to be in control of the project, to help the design and construction run as smoothly as possible.

Have Save My Build manage your architect for you

If you would like assistance with the management of an architect to help examine and modify the design of your building project and save you significant money in the process, Save My Build can manage the design and the architecture for you.

Our experienced building professionals are specialists in fine-tuning budgets and timeframes of home building projects and putting cost-effectiveness at the forefront of all design and construction work.

We will closely examine the design of your home, making cost-saving modifications where necessary, without compromising the design or quality of finish.

We will even meet your architect on site to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique design requirements, looking at ways to cut costs, such as using different product manufacturers to ensure you get the best possible prices.


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